Shooting Highlights Fallacy of Gun-Free Schools

by Erik Soderstrom on April 2, 2012


At least six students were gunned down this morning in California on the same day that a national protest began to call attention to the fact that students are left helpless against such murderers.

The national Empty Holster Protest, organized by Students for Concealed Carry, involves students strapping on empty holsters to illustrate their defenselessness at the hands of college gun bans. The event runs through April 6 and involves hundreds of college campuses across the US.

“This is a poignant and ironic example of the very thing we’re protesting,” said David Burnett, the group’s spokesman. “Colleges invite these shootings by guaranteeing criminals their victims will be disarmed. It takes more than signs to fend off killers.”

Although the details of the massacre are still unclear, it remains apparent that prohibitions against firearms were completely ineffective. Over 20 such college shootings have occurred on so-called “gun-free” campuses since 2001. At the same time, more than 200 campuses in six states allow students to carry handguns to class without experiencing any such rampages.

“Gun-free zones are defense-free zones,” said Burnett. “Since our colleges can’t guarantee our safety, it’s time for them to allow us a fighting chance and decriminalize self-defense.”

Download a PDF version of this Press Release.

Kurt Mueller
Acting Director of Public Relations
Students for Concealed Carry

Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprised of over 40,000 supporters which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses.


  • The INFIDEL !

    I wish I had a nickle for every time I ask this and to some of you it’s getting old.

    This proves beyond a shadow of doubt there is no Government Entity responsible for your personal protection.

    • Timothytw

      “When seconds count the police are just minutes away”

  • Ron04

    because if your FIRST AMENDMENT rights don’t stop at the campus border, why should your SECOND ( or any other for that matter? )

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  • Dirt Crashr

    It’s kinda moot in California, particularly in the region mentioned because for the most part, NOBODY is allowed to carry, concealed or otherwise.   Anywhere.
    The prohibitions in effect aren’t exclusive to the School, they’re everywhere throughout the BayArea – which is a Democrat dominated, Single-Party Rule region.

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  • Patrick Fox

    so shameful of our leaders to allow the bad guys to come in and kill us, with no means of self defence, we deserve better!!when will the politicians understand, gun control dosn’t work, never has and never will!!!

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