Campus Carry Discussion Off and Running in Six States

by David Burnett on January 17, 2013

In the wake of recent shootings across the country, six states are mulling the prospect of allowing licensed concealed carry licensees to go armed on campus.

While gun control advocates converge on Washington, DC to endorse heightened federal restrictions, legislators in Arkansas, Missouri, Georgia, Indiana, Wyoming and Kansas are recognizing the fallacy of expecting unenforced and unenforceable “gun-free zones” which have so tragically failed to protect the victims of violent killers.

  • In Arkansas, Rep. Charlie Collins has vowed to reintroduce legislation allowing professors to carry.
  • In Missouri, Rep. Mike Kelley has introduced a bill for permitted carry on postsecondary education facilities
  • In Georgia, Rep. Charles Gregory has filed bills allowing for campus carry
  • In Indiana, Sen. Jim Banks has proposed campus carry in the 2013 session
  • In Wyoming, legislators have introduced the Citizens’ and Students’ Self-Defense Act
  • In Kansas, Sen. Forrest Knox has vowed to introduce campus carry legislation

In some cases, opponents are already coming out against bills which have yet to be formally introduced, such as in Tennessee and Texas.

Members of Students for Concealed Carry are actively urging legislators in other states to roll back restrictions which guarantee would-be rapists, robbers and murderers will encounter no armed resistance.

Students are also preparing for SCC’s Empty Holster Protest, slated for April 8-12 of this year.

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  • Josh Brown

    Update, a Texas Rep. has introduced the bill for CC on College campuses with few exceptions. Also, another Rep. has introduced a bill for Open carry instead of concealed carry for anywhere you would usually be able to carry concealed.

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