Colorado Senate Kills Campus Carry Repeal Bill

by Erik Soderstrom on March 9, 2013

Sen Rollie Heath Takes Podium to Kill HB 13-1226

Denver, March 9, 2013—Students for Concealed Carry is pleased to report that Senator Rollie Heath has tabled Colorado House Bill 13-1226 until two days after the end of the legislative session, effectively killing this misguided legislation that would have stripped students of their right to self-defense by banning concealed carry on college campuses.

Concealed carry on university campuses in Colorado first became legal in 2003. In 2012, a landmark decision by the Colorado Supreme Court in Students for Concealed Carry on Campus LLC v. Regents of University of Colorado overturned illegal campus gun bans and extended this protection to all public campuses in Colorado. With the defeat of this bill, students will continue to have access to the most effective means of self-defense.

Students for Concealed Carry’s dedicated members and other activists have worked hard to shine a light on House Bill 13-1226 and show how disarming students won’t stop criminals. They packed committee meetings, filled inboxes, and kept the phones ringing to make sure legislators heard their opposition to this bill. Their hard work and dedication helped bring national attention to this issue and pressure lawmakers to make the right decision. We’re glad Colorado’s legislators heard the call and decided to stand with students to preserve our right to self-defense on campus.

The defeat of HB 13-1226 affirms that Colorado students, faculty, and staff remain equal before the law, and are not relegated to second-class status just because they want to further their education. As we’ve seen time and time again, criminals don’t care about lines on a map and won’t obey “gun-free zones.” Stopping this bill in its tracks acknowledges that reality.

HB 13-1226 would have done nothing to stop criminals from brining weapons onto college campuses while leaving students defenseless. Withdrawing this bill was the right decision for students and the right decision for Colorado.

Students for Concealed Carry remains dedicated to keeping self-defense legal on Colorado campuses and working to advance similar common-sense reforms throughout the United States.

Kurt Mueller
Acting Director of Public Relations
Students for Concealed Carry

Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprised of over 40,000 supporters which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses.


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