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Students for Concealed Carry Statement on Veto of House Bill 859




Robert Eagar, Southeast Regional Director: robert.eagar@concealedcampus.org
Zachary Zalneraitis, Director of Public Relations: zachary.zalneraitis@concealedcampus.org

Students for Concealed Carry Statement on Veto of House Bill 859

Atlanta, GA – Students for Concealed Carry is extremely disappointed to learn that Governor Deal has chosen to veto HB 859.  With the stroke of his pen, he has left members of our campus communities to be victims of violent crimes, targeted by criminals as sitting ducks.

Governor Deal had historically indicated he would sign any pro-gun legislation that reached his desk, but evidently this guarantee given to the people of the state of Georgia does not extend to the students, faculty and staff who are disarmed by their choice to seek higher education or to help teach the best and the brightest in our state.

We hope this bill will be brought back to the floors of the House and Senate to override Governor Deal’s veto in the subsequent legislative session, especially in the light of comments he gave to the Atlanta Journal Constitution regarding campus carry legislation:  “We heard all the hype that we’re now hearing about campus carry, all the predictions of tragedies.  All the predictions that we were going to open our state up to a Wild West scenario.  Those earlier fears don’t appear to have come true.  So, therefore, to use those kind of arguments with the campus carry discussion, I think lacks validity.”

SCC would like to take a moment to especially thank Representatives Rick Jasperse, Mandi Ballinger, John Meadows, Alan Powell, Dustin Hightower, Trey Kelley and Senator Jesse Stone for their efforts to pass this bill.  These legislators have persevered to ensure our rights are restored and to augment the safety of our campus communities.  Further commendations go to Lt. Governor Casey Cagle for his instrumental role in bringing this bill to the floor of the Senate.


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