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Students for Concealed Carry is a student-run, national, non-partisan organization which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses in the United States as an effective means of self-defense.

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SCC National Conference features Survivors

by Zachary Zalneraitis on August 8, 2014

On August 5, 2014 a diverse group gathered at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. for the third Students for Concealed Carry National Conference. College students and faculty, firearms instructors and attorneys, and supporters of all walks of life gathered to discuss the issue of concealed carry on campus.

Several panels spoke on topics from campus activism to firearms education, but the most memorable moments came as victims of violence recounted their stories and brought home the reality of what actual people face every day. [click to continue…]


​DC Carry Rights Decision

by Zachary Zalneraitis on July 29, 2014


Washington, D.C. – July 29, 2014 - ​Students for Concealed Carry is excited to host our third National Conference in Washington D.C. only days after the historic ruling in Palmer v. D.C. overturned the ban on firearms carried outside the home.

Until this ruling, the nation’s capital remained one of the largest “gun-free” zones in the United States. Despite these laws, D.C. was perennially on the list of most violent cities in the country.

The decision handed down by Judge Sculling perhaps states it best:

In light of Heller, McDonald, and their progeny, there is no longer any basis on which this Court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny. 

We can only hope the march of progress continues and the option of effective self-defense continues to be restored to more individuals, regardless of what invisible line they cross.​

Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprised of over 40,000 supporters which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses.


Students for Concealed Carry Sues Ohio State University

July 7, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Students for Concealed Carry Sues Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio) – July 7, 2014 - This week Students for Concealed Carry Foundation, Inc. filed a lawsuit in Franklin County Common Pleas Court challenging The Ohio State University’s authority to ban lawful possession of firearms by students, faculty, staff, and other affiliates on its [...]

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Website Repairs

July 6, 2014

Students for Concealed Carry has recently been the target of a malicious attack on our website. Many of you may have noticed changes in our banners and pages over the last couple weeks as we work to restore the site to its previous working order. Unfortunately, the most recent database we were able to recover [...]

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Is Campus Carry Legal in Georgia?

May 6, 2014

Question: Is College Campus Carry Legal as of July 1, 2014 in Georgia? Quick Answer: After our best analysis, SCC says “yes” with ~80% confidence. Even if it is legal, if your college finds out, they may be able to discipline you. Also remember that ignorance of the law is no excuse, so if we are wrong [...]

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Idaho Campus Carry Signed Into Law

March 13, 2014

For Immediate Release Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter has signed campus carry bill SB1254 into law, which is expected to go into effect on May 21, 2014 (60 days after the Idaho legislative session ends). The bill allows law abiding adults over the age of 21 who have been issued an Idaho enhanced concealed carry permit to be [...]

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