Firearms Instructors

If you are a firearms instructor who can offer college students a discount on the price of their concealed carry course and would like to be listed on your state page, please contact the Board of Directors. Students should bring a student ID or a copy of a class schedule to the class and let them know they are a member of SCC to obtain the discount.

Campus Leaders

If your campus does not have a Campus Leader and you would like to fill the role, email your State Director. If your state does not currently have a director, contact the Regional Director for your state. Campus Leaders are our representatives on campus that relay information, handle local media, plan events and set up local groups at their universities. The position of campus leader must be renewed every academic year.

State Directors

If you are interested in becoming involved as a State Director, and your state currently has a vacancy, please contact the Regional Director for your state. State Directors usually start by founding a chapter at their own college and getting in touch with other chapters in the area. Prior leadership experience is also preferred.

Write Your Reps

If you are a concerned SCC member or supporter, the most important part of this process is writing, faxing, calling, and visiting your elected state officials and encouraging them to support the legalization of concealed carry on college campuses. Use this form to find the names and contact information for your elected officials.