Campus Crime

A brief report on campus crime in America. Despite “lower” crime rates on college campuses, numbers still show that arbitrary “gun-free” zones still put thousands of innocent staff and students at risk every year.

Common Arguments

One of the most useful pages on our website, this answers the criticisms that many of our opponents express regarding Concealed Carry on college campuses. Anyone looking to educate themselves – and others – should read this page in full, as we explain how to answer questions like, “What about alcohol on college campuses?” and “What about theft of firearms owned by otherwise responsible students?”

Empty Holster Protest

Every April, SCC chapters around the country hold an “Empty Holster Protest,” wearing empty holsters to signify the fact that they’re disarmed on their college campuses. Since the first Empty Holster Protests in 2007, the protest has evolved – but the idea of bringing attention to “gun-free” zones that only disarm law-abiding citizens has remained. Click here for a clearinghouse of resources for this year’s Protest.