Board of Directors

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Reid K Smith, M.D. – Director of Development

Reid K Smith serves as the Director of Development for Students for Concealed Carry. Previously, he was the Midwest Regional Director and Michigan State Director. Reid joined SCC shortly before the first Empty Holster Protest in 2007, later becoming the Campus Leader at Albion College. In March 2009, he became the Michigan State Director, assuming his position as Midwest Regional Director in May 2010, and Director of Development in December 2012. Reid is an Emergency Medicine physician in Downtown Detroit. His wide interests include wilderness medicine, the impact of firearms on public health, the outdoors, backpacking, history, and baseball.

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Erik Soderstrom – Director of Technology

Erik Soderstrom became involved with SCC when he started a campus chapter at Vanderbilt University in the fall of 2008 and became a campus leader. After transferring schools, Erik was appointed State Director for South Carolina in the Fall of 2009.  In April 2011, he assumed his current position as East Regional Director.

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Robert Eagar – Regional Coordinator and Assistant Director of Technology

Robert Eagar is currently involved with SCC as the Southeast Regional Director and Assistant State Director for Georgia. He became involved with SCC in 2012 as the campus leader at the Georgia Institute of Technology, a chapter he founded in response to the alarming rate of violent crimes against the campus community on and around campus. Robert is an NRA certified instructor and can frequently be found on the local range, but is equally likely to be spotted in the city supporting the Atlanta Braves or his Alma mater’s Yellow Jackets.

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Philip Harding – Regional Coordinator

Phillip took over as Rocky Mountain Regional Director shortly after relocating to Colorado. Prior to that, he completed his B.S. in Administrative Science from the University of South Alabama while serving as both USA Campus Leader and State Director for Alabama Students for Concealed Carry. His current goals within SCC are securing campus carry for the 3 states in his region without it, and to increase the number of campus carriers in the other 3 states that do. He’s recently taken up competitive multi-gun shooting, and proudly wears the SCC logo on his shooting jersey.

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