Tell Colorado: Don’t Turn Students into Sitting Ducks

Colorado House Bill 13-1226 Criminalizes Self-Defense on Campus.

Colorado House Bill 13-1226 is a dangerous bill that would criminalize self-defense on college campuses and leave law-abiding students defenseless. For the past decade, concealed carry has been legal on Colorado college campuses and the nightmare scenarios presented by those seeking to disarm students have yet to materialize.

In fact, crime rates at Colorado State University—one of the schools that did not pass campus regulations banning concealed carry—plummeted after the 2003 law was passed. In 2009, when school administrators threatened students’ right to self defense, CSU’s student government voted by an overwhelming 7:1 margin to keep concealed carry on campus.

In 2012, Students for Concealed Carry won a landmark victory before the Colorado Supreme Court overturning illegal campus gun bans that left students defenseless. Now we need your help to stop misguided legislators from rolling back progress and endangering Colorado students.

Please take a minute to call, tweet, or email these Colorado legislators and ask them to vote against stripping students of their right to self-defense:

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Senator Cheri Jahn
@CheriJahn (Note: Click Usernames to Tweet)
(303) 866-4856
Senator Jahn’s Facebook

Senator Gail Schwartz
(303) 866-4871
Senator Gail Schwartz’ Facebook

Senator Linda Newell
(303) 866-4846
Senator Linda Newell’s Facebook

Senator Angela Giron
(303) 866-4878
Senator Angel Giron’s Facebook

Senator Rollie Heath
Representing BOULDER County
(303) 866-4872

Senator Nancy Todd
(303) 866-3342
Senator Nancy Todd’s Facebook group

Senator Ted Harvey
(303) 866-4881

Senator Andy Kerr
CU Alum
(303) 866-4859

All democratic senators:

Republican Senators:

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Crime at CSU (arrow marks introduction of concealed carry)



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