2015 Empty Holster Protest – March 30 – April 3, 2015

What is it?

The Empty Holster Protest is SCC’s signature attention-getter. It’s a peaceful demonstration that involves students wearing empty holsters to class, distributing literature, and holding debates or speaking events.


SCC members are protesting college polices and/or state laws that disarm law-abiding citizens who are legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm in hundreds of other locations in their respective states. Since criminals do not honor rules against firearms, these dangerous policies stack the odds against students and in favor of criminals. The empty holster is a token symbolizing that disarming all law-abiding citizens creates defense-free zone which are attractive targets to a for criminals.


The Empty Holster Protest has participants all across the nation. Thousands of students across hundreds of universities take part each year.

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The protest takes place each spring. THE 2015 EMPTY HOLSTER PROTEST WILL BE FROM MARCH 30 – APRIL 3, 2015!

How can I join?

For starters, register your attendance on our Facebook event. You can also go to our state-by-state page and contact a campus leader in your area. If none exists, perhaps you’d like to be the one to start a chapter with your school? Otherwise, contact the Regional Director for information on getting involved.

What if I’ve already graduated?

Send a letter to your alma mater stating that you refuse to send your hard-earned money to an institution that denies its students, faculty and staff the basic right to protect themselves. If you can, donate some of your hard-earned money to SCC – just $5, $10 or $20 can make a difference. You can also write your state representatives if there’s a bill pending in your state, or even contact the local university and explain your views. If you’re not sure how to do any of this, contact us.

I’m a little past my college days.

No problem! If you’re a parent, or know someone in college, let them know there’s a group out there that stands up for their rights. You can always write a letter to your representative, or to your local paper. You can spread the word among other parents, or try to educate faculty, staff and administrators who may be opposed. If you oppose discrimination against concealed carry permit holders on campus, then there’s always a way you can help out.

What about high schools?

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus focuses on college environments where students are adults. We do not address concealed carry in K-12 schools.

If you want concealed carry, why openly carry holsters?

Our end goal is concealed carry on campus for law-abiding citizens. Until that goal is reached, our goal is to raise awareness for our cause. The protest is an extremely effective tool for bringing the discussion of Campus Carry to the forefront, as well as educating people about the issue. It is impossible to raise awareness by wearing hidden objects of any sort.

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