Guidelines for Media and Use of SCC Logos

General Guidelines


  • Use our full name, Students for Concealed Carry, or the abbreviation SCC.
  • Use only our current, official logos, available for download on the “Media” page.

Do Not

  • Manipulate SCC logos, unless absolutely necessary due to color restrictions (e.g. black and white).
  • Imply sponsorship, endorsement by, or false association with Students for Concealed Carry, Inc.
  • Use anything other than the most current SCC logos available on our “Media” page.
  • Use any other artwork from our website without our express written permission.
  • Create your own buttons, logos, or other marks using SCC logos.

Merchandise / Manufactured Items

The use of SCC Logos on merchandise or manufactured items is strictly prohibited.  Contact us with a detailed proposal if you wish to seek an exception.

These terms are subject to change without notice.