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Shannon Watts: Dishonest or Oblivious?


MDA Colorado

Shannon Watts’ organization Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America has recently launched an all out attack against campus concealed carry.

But can you trust her? Is she credible?

She claims that campus carry will make campuses less safe and has even bemoaned the push in several states to allow campus carry. One of the states she mentioned in this “push” is Colorado.

We find this claim that campus carry in Colorado is something new very curious.

Colorado has allowed campus concealed carry for more than ten years with Colorado State University allowing it since 2003. In fact, in a decision three years ago, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the state protected right to concealed carry on all of Colorado’s public university campuses. Furthermore, we recently defeated a bill to ban campus concealed carry in that state as well as a ballot initiative to do the same.

We also question her statement that campus concealed carry is something women don’t want.

Katherine Whitney, a third year law student led the charge to defeat the Colorado bill. A poll by the Denver Post showed that 86% of respondents favored campus concealed carry.  Even Shannon’s own daughter Abigail has attended Colorado State.

So which is it Ms. Watts? Do you not know the law you are lobbying against? Or is it that campus concealed carry isn’t as bad as you claim?



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