Houston Chronicle Features Pro-Campus Op-Ed

by concealed campus on November 23, 2015

The same pro-campus carry op-ed that the editor of the UT-Austin student newspaper rejected with the claim that it “cannot be published…by a newspapers [sic]” is featured in this past Sunday’s edition of the ‘Houston Chronicle.’

You can read the full op-ed (by Allison Peregory, SCC’s campus leader at UT-Austin) here.

For those of you who might be curious, the Sunday edition of the ‘Houston Chronicle’ is the nation’s third most read Sunday paper and, counting Sunday editions separately from weekly papers, has the sixth-highest one-day readership of any U.S. paper.

None of the national circulation charts list the ‘Daily Texan,’ so it’s difficult to ascertain how the student paper at the University of Texas at Austin compares in overall readership. However, we’re fairly certain that Editor-in-Chief Claire Smith’s unabashed bias against campus carry ultimately worked in our favor.

If you’re also interested in reading SCC’s rebuttal to the anti-campus carry op-ed that ran as a counterpoint to Allison’s piece, that rebuttal is available here.

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