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Empty Holster Protest A Success


On April 5 through April 9, 2010, students from 130 colleges across the nation participated in the Empty Holster Protest, SCCC’s signature event to symbolize being defenseless and protest state laws and college policies which require being defenseless.

(Click here to see the list of participating colleges.)

The event and resulting discussions received widespread media coverage both locally and nationally.

Locally, in states from Colorado, Virginia, Oklahoma and Michigan to places such as Illinois, Connecticut, Kansas and Texas.

Nationally, SCCC and the protest were featured in articles from World Net Daily, Human Events, The Christian Science Monitor, The Weekly Standard and even a mention in the disaster preparedness magazine Firestorm.

Participation even spilled over onto the floor of the Arizona state senate, where Senator Jack Harper wore an empty holster on the senate floor in an expression of solidarity with Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.

Elsewhere, Dr. John Lott spoke at Texas A&M on behalf of SCCC, safety classes were held at various colleges across the country, and in Virginia, hundreds of people took advantage of online legal and safety training provided free of charge through SCCC and American Firearms Training.

The same predictable responses issued forth from the emotionally-driven anti-defense crowd. Predictably, the Brady Campaign ignored SCCC’s call for respect and continued its pattern of victim exploitation, figuratively standing on the coffins of the dead to decry SCCC’s drive for self-defense on campus.

The Truth About Guns even took time to smear SCCC on their website with multiple inaccuracies and outright fabrications. Ill-informed and illogical editorialists nationwide persist in their fanciful campaign of fearmongering.

Heedless of the facts, these critics continue to prey on fears by insisting that self-defense on campus would increase the risks to campus patrons.

Of course, these are the same critics who just months ago claimed SCCC had failed and momentum was against concealed carry on campus. They’re the same ones now having to confront major SCCC victories in Colorado, Michigan, Texas and Pennsylvania, and having to face the reality that momentum does not favor lawfully-armed citizens being disarmed simply for stepping across the invisible boundary of a college campus.

SCCC would like to thank everyone for participating in the protest and taking valuable time to labor in the cause. Don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter, and make plans to attend the 2011 Empty Holster Protest!

David Burnett
David Burnett is the Director of Public Relations at Students for Concealed Carry. He holds two bachelors degrees from the University of Kentucky in business and nursing, and a law degree from the University of Akron.

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