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Shooting at UT


The University of Texas was shut down on Tuesday after shots were fired inside the university library. Witnesses report as many as ten shots being fired, and possibly more than one suspect, although police confirmed that at least one gunman was dead of a self-inflicted gunshot. Classes were canceled and the school was put on lockdown. Police are searching for a possible second perpetrator. No other injuries were reported.

In 1966, 44 years ago, a gunman opened fire on students at the University of Texas. At the time, civilians with hunting rifles were able to return fire and confine the shooter until police could respond.

Today’s shooting is ironic in light of the fact that noted researcher Dr. John Lott was scheduled to present a talk at the university regarding the positive effects of concealed carry on campus.

Once again, the state of utter vulnerability, and futility of unenforced gun bans is showcased by a shooting situation. Fortunately in this case, no other victims were reported. Let’s hope the next shooting is just as “safe” as this one.

For media inquiries, please contact David Burnett or Daniel Crocker.

David Burnett
David Burnett is an ICU nurse, health law attorney, and serves as the Director of Public Relations at Students for Concealed Carry.

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