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Students for Concealed Carry Supports Students’ Right to Carry Dildos on Campus


AUSTIN, TX – Students for Concealed Carry, which has waged court battles for the right to wear empty holsters on college campuses, believes that the University of Texas’s obscenity policy should not be used to stop anti-campus carry protesters from openly carrying dildos on campus. Michael Newbern, assistant director of public relations for SCC, commented, “If carrying a phallus to class is how you want to make your point, that is an exercise of First Amendment rights, and a public college has no right to impede it.”

SCC does recommend, however, that any dildos carried on campus be used only in constitutionally protected expressions of free speech. Using a dildo as a defensive weapon could classify it as a “club,” which, under Texas law, is illegal to carry in public and constitutes a felony if carried in campus buildings. Newbern added, “We have always encouraged open, honest debate and have, on multiple occasions, stood up to colleges that sought to quash our own empty-holster protests. We did so under the counsel of competent attorneys and encourage these students and other concerned individuals participating in this protest to do the same.”


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